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November 04, 2011



You are very welcome, but my previous comment in this thread was not so much an "expansion" as it was a Reminder and a Clarification.

Bob Thomas

I think this is an "agree to disagree" moment. I think the concerto issues were a matter of conductor trying to stay in synch with the soloist, although — as I wrote — the orchestra did a great job of staying with the tempo changes.

Bob Thomas

I don't think I was saying this would be a first "War Requiem" for Disney Hall, only that it's a great piece for Disney. But thanks for the expansion.


You are writing here as if Britten's War Requiem was never performed in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. But it most certainly was - about four years ago in late January 2008, by the LA Phil and assorted singers, conducted by Lorin Maazel.


There is NOTHING steady about his hand. He almost trainwrecked the orchestra 3 times in the concerto. Considering what was going on at the podium, the Dvorak was a miracle in that it went as well as it did. He definitely didn't deserve a performance like that. The orchestra saved his butt, end of story.

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