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March 11, 2011


Beau Hica

Mediocre, unbalanced, uninspired evening Thursday. Bobble-headed Denk's Beethoven will pass and be forgotten with the rest. Don't know what you see in Fliter, either. The Mozarts were competent but not special. Someone must have realized that a total performance length of 59 minutes (6 mins Masonic + 35 min Beethoven + 18 min Haffner) was a scam and so Dudamel did another Mozart overture as an encore to pad things out. Late start and long intermission made it all come close to 10pm but this was the first 'meh' experience I had with Dudamel on the podium.

As for the spate of cancellations, I hope the Phil takes this opportunity to give Salonen, Golijov, and Argerich the boot. Yes, Argerich is a great pianist but she can take her cancellitis and lump it. There are others. I guess ol' Esa-Pekka continues to be too busy collecting conducting fees to focus on the composing he claims to love so much.


Well, I will look forward to Jeremy Denk then.

Bob Thomas

I understand and whether Argerich will show up is always something of a crap shoot. When Argerich has canceled in the past, the Phil has usually been fortunate to find a high-class substitute (it's how we discovered Ingrid Fliter) and Jeremy Denk certainly rates in that category. But it's not the same.


Oh, no! I have tickets for Friday, purchased mainly to see Argerich.

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