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February 07, 2011


Bob Thomas

Here's a followup I received from the L.A. Phil people: "We have not announced the venue yet but I can tell you that Mahler 8 will be available to subscribers as an add on on June 21 — they will be notified about this. When single tickets go on sale in August for the Walt Disney Concert Hall 11/12 season, the tickets will also be available then."

Bob Thomas

The short answer is to call the Phil at 323/850-2000 Monday through Friday. Season tickets are now on sale and Mahler's 8th was listed as a nonsubscription concert, which means (presumably) that it will be offered to season ticket holders first once the Phil determines the event's details. The choice of locale (i.e., concert venue) will determine if, how and when tickets will be offered to non-subscribers. Incidentally, Nos. 2,3,5 and 7 (all of which are being played by the Simón Bolivár Symphony) are listed as nonsubscription concerts but they can be added at this point by season subscribers (space available). The other symphonies, which are being played by the Phil, will be offered first to subscribers in June, according to the brochure. I will follow up to see if there are further details.

Manuel Losada

Is there any way I could reserve and/or buy tickets for the performance of Mahler's 8th in February, 2012, wherever it is to be held such concert?

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