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April 19, 2010



Now THIS was both a very kind (to Carpenter) and accurate review of both organists, whose work I have come to know well. It boils down to the simple observation that Jacobs uses his amazing talent, brilliant, astute and humble approach to a work and its composer and a more-than-adequate technique to serve the music. Carpenter uses the "music" (very loosely) as a mere springboard or "raison d'etre" to serve the display of his spectacular technique and glamerous persona....sort of "the cart before the horse". Attending a Jacobs performance is like a profound spiritual and inspiring experience. Hearing/seeing a Carpenter show is pure entertainment...and I still enjoy both in my musical life. Both organists have enthusiastic "fan clubs" and both are doing wonders for a great instrument that is otherwise regularly and all-too-publicly molested every Sunday morning.

Bob Thomas

Oops, sorry! Thanks for a good catch.

Steve Mor

I enjoy your comments and insights very much. However I suspect a typo where you wrote Liszt was a century before Bach.

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