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May 11, 2012


Dennis Bade

For the future concerts, please note Kiera Duffy is NOT part of the Adams cast; she sang earlier this month in the Green Umbrella program.

J Wilt

Actually, Rob was playing principal on the Serenade. There isn't enough time to play both the trumpet part and the posthorn solo(the trumpet part resumes about 1 measure after the end of the solo), which is why we had to hire Rob to cover that part.

Bob Thomas

Thanks to both commenters. Funny thing is that I thought the posthorn soloist was James but misread the principals list from the Phil. Sorry for the mistakes.

Robert Frear

Bravo to Jim Wilt for the amazing Posthorn solo.


And one more thing: the all-Mozart program with Kiera Duffy will not be performed next weekend but a week after that - May 25 (abbreviated Casual version) and unabridged on May 27.


Just a few corrections:
1) the Latvian composer's name is Peteris Vasks,
2) oboist Arthur Kuszyk does not have an extra first name before Marion,
3) the posthorn solo in the serenade was played by the LA Phil's own associate principal trumpet player James Wilt.

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