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January 21, 2012


Bob Thomas

Yes, they do. It's the only real negative to Disney Hall and I wish the Phil would do something about it. My only suggestion is to experiment by moving to a different seat for the Talk back portion; perhaps you'll find one that works for you.


Friday's concert was really enjoyable. Like you, I thought the third movement was the highlight.

This is our second season of subscribing to Casual Fridays and the Q+A session is a big part of it. I just wish my hearing allowed me to understand the Dude more. The acoustics at Disney seem to garble speech.


It is already so "official" that several weeks ago the Atlanta Symphony has already announced local and national auditions for the position (to be vacated this August) that are scheduled to start next month. This information can be seen at the top of the audition page on their website.

Bob Thomas

MarK: As someone who spent 40+ years “on the side of the fence” as a communications professional, I have seen several personnel moves in business, golf and — yes, music — derail at the last minute. Thus, although your pipeline in these sorts of things has proved excellent in the past, I’m perfectly willing in this case to wait for official notification. On any basis, I’m happy to have Mr. Hooten playing in the ensemble.


Clarification for the last hemidemisemiquaver: Thomas Hooten is not simply a guest but is actually the LA Phil's next Principal Trumpet who will officially assume that position on a full time basis later this year.

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